• Melbreeze was born on February 23, one of those winter days that signaled a new beginning was on its way. Born in the historic port city of Smyrna, home to illustrious Greek and Roman settlements, maybe it was foretold that her life would be filled with beauty. An only child, she grew up in a house where music flowed freely and she found company in art.

    Her first foray into performance was through ballet, which she started learning when she was 5 years old and pursued for many years to come. After completing her academic education, having majored in Business Administration as an undergrad and going to the United States for further education, Melbreeze focused on raising her own family.

    Melbreeze’s love for music though never wavered and she dreamed that one day she could do the kind of music she wanted. And now, after many years of training, expectations, love and dedication, she is sharing all her thoughts and feelings that she kept hidden inside for years.
    Melbreeze currently has four albums:
    "Solitude: A Dream In Green Minor," featuring Bill Cunliffe, Joe La Barbera, Darek Oles ,Larry Koonse and Big Band (recorded at Ocean Way Studios and House of Blues Studios in Los Angeles)
    "Love: A Reality in Blue Major," featuring Alan Pasqua, Jimmy Haslip, Ralph Humprey, Larry Koonse, John DeVersa ,Katisse and Charlie Bisharat; (recorded at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles)
    "Santepe," featuring Bill Cunliffe, Darek Oles, Ray Brinker and Walter Rodriquez.(recorded at East West Studios in Los Angeles)

    "Brisa de Amor," Melbreeze collaborated on her fourth album Brisa de Amor with Maestro Javier Limon as a producer and an arranger in Madrid, Spain.Working on this album fulfilled her lifetime dream of recording a Jazz Flamenco album. This album is recorded and mastered in Madrid..
    Now her 5th and 6th albums are coming together late February 2016.

    "Turquoise," & "Amethyst" These are two albums Melbreeze worked with Scott Kinsey, Gary Novak, Jimmy Haslip, Arto Tuncboyaciyan, Oz Noy, Jeff Richman, Judd Miller, James Zota Baker, Doug Livingston, Brad Dutz, Bob Reynolds, Larry Koonse, Mike Miller, Katisse Buckingham, Ann Hauter at East West Studios in Los Angeles. This time these two albums are jazz fusion dance and more avantgarde style..

    "Turquoise," has 12 Turkish songs that she've always dreamed of singing one day in her own mother tongue. And she picked the songs she's grown with. They have a completely different, modern approach to Turkish music that Melbreeze has always wanted to create.

    These songs are Inleyen Nagmeler, Gizli Ask, Niksarin Fidanlari, Ankara Ruzgari, Nihansin Dideden, Yine Bir Gulnihal, Gokyuzunde Yalniz Gezen Yildizlar, Sevemez Kimse Seni, Bekledim de Gelmedin, Ellerim Boyle Bos Mu Kalacakti?, Hatirla Sevgilim, and Gozlerini Gozlerimden Ayirma Hic..

    "Amethyst" has 13 English songs; some of them are jazz standards, some of them are alternative music songs and some them are more contemporary jazz songs. Melbreeze is known to have an unusual but fresh repertoire, mixing all different genres and blending them very well together..

    And in "Amethyst" you can listen to Summertime, Sound of Silence, The Man I Love, God Bless the Child, Everything Must Change, Sailor and Widow, Cry Me a River, Friendless, Send in the Clowns, Greensleeves, Hallelujah, Islands in The Stream, Missing You...

    Melbreeze is currently working on two different projects. One in Madrid with Maestro Javier Limon as a producer and arranger second time and the other one with her longtime producer Jimmy Haslip on Brazilian Jazz Music..